Badassbox 4 Yamaha

kit badassbox 4 for Yamaha engine / Giant

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  • Speed ​​limiter: Data display divided by 2
  • Maximum speed with assistance: 50 km / h
  • Activation mode: Permanent once the kit is in place
  • Compatible with: Engines Yamaha et Giant
  • The use of this device is only authorized on private roads not open to the public
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Using the kit

The unlock kit Badassbox collects your real speed thanks to the magnet placed on your bike. Then it transmits a signal to the Yamaha engine remotely. No electrical cable is required. The kit does not modify the electronic components of your engine because it is not connected. There is therefore no risk of damaging your Yamaha engine. Easy to install, you only need your hands to connect the install and unleash your electric bike.

The use of badass for Yamaha engine alters the data displayed on your screen. As a result, the data in your dashboard will be incorrect. Indeed, starting from 18 km / h, the data such as the kilometers traveled, the instantaneous speed, the average speed, will be divided by 2.

Detailed operation

La badassbox 4 Yamaha attaches to the speed sensor of the electric bike. Once installed your bike is no longer bridled at 25 km / h. Your Yamaha engine will continue to assist you above this speed. If you remove the kit Badassbox 4, your bike returns to its original state.

With Badassbox 4, Badassebike presents its latest version of kit for Yamaha engine. The V4 has a narrower housing with a new closure system. This greatly facilitates the assembly and installation of the unlock kit on your electric bike. The case closes securely thanks to the clip system, a process widely used in the automotive world. On this new model, the kit is powered by a AAA battery. This stack allows to travel several thousand kilometers. Once unloaded, you can easily replace it with a new one.

Designed in GermanyBadassbox 4 for Yamaha motor is robust and easy to use.

Assembly tutorial

  1. Attach the badassbox 4 for Yamaha engine on the speed sensor located at your rear wheel.
  2. Use the snap closure to secure the badassbox (you can use the cable tie provided if you wish).
  3. Move the magnet placed on the spoke of the rear wheel, towards the edge of the box (in the direction of closing of the kit).
  4. If your magnet touches the badassbox, place as close to the badassbox and turn it 90 °.
  5. If you remove the badassbox of your electric bike, return the magnet to its original position.

Content of the box

  • Badassbox 4 Yamaha
  • AAA battery
  • Toolfree screws

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions: x 61 43 15 mm x
  • Weight: 27g without battery, 37g with battery
  • Battery (supplied): 1,5V AAA battery (IEC R03)

Engines and compatible commands

La badassbox 4 Yamaha is compatible with PW, PW-X, PW-SE motors, AS WELL AS all engines Giant (Life, Pro and Sport)

Likewise, this kit is compatible with all Yamaha consoles and Giant

The innovations of the badassbox 4 Yamaha

THE 4th version of the Badassbox Yamaha is the result of a year of Research and Development. Compared to the previous model (badass 3.4), the V4 is much thinner which eliminates the need to use an adapter to fix it on your electric bike. Also, the O-ring has disappeared in favor of a patented pressure closure system. Thanks to this system, you can fix and detach the badassbox 4 Yamaha very quickly and easily. If you want to double the fastening system, you can always do so using the cable tie provided in the box.

With badassbox 4 you can easily change the battery. Indeed AAA batteries are widely used commercially (unlike the CR2 battery which fitted the old versions of badassbox. In theory you can browse up to 7000 km with each pile. This has been made possible thanks to Field Enhancement & Elimination Technology. This patented FEET field amplification reduces energy consumption and thus increases battery life. To effectively protect the electronic components, it was necessary to put a waterproof sealant (used in the auto industry). With this process it is not possible for the components to come into contact with water or dust.

The double check made in the workshop guarantees a reliable and functional product.

Main advantages of badassbox 4

  • External unclamping kit for Yamaha engine
  • Slim and durable housing
  • Patented pressure closure
  • In-box mounting system
  • Patented field amplification technology
  • Works with a AAA battery with a range of over 7000 km
  • High quality waterproof sealant
  • Double quality control
  • Made in Germany
  • Warranty 3 month

More information



Button dactivation

always On







Yamaha PW, Yamaha PW-SE, Yamaha PW-X




Speed ​​divided by 2


50 km / h

kit badassbox 4 for Yamaha engine / Giant

4 reviews for kit badassbox 4 for Yamaha engine / Giant

  1. René B -

    hello received the good badass installed on the mountain bike ouah it works strong more problem of cut at 25 km / h it was complicated but there a real joy during the outings merçi is good day

  2. Didier -

    I thank you for your response and the good advice you mentioned

  3. Gerard (Customer confirmed) -


    Well received kit, easy mounting, try in stride, it really meets the need
    than I expected, namely help beyond 25 km / h imposed by the rules of an ebike ..

    best regard

  4. Patrick (Customer confirmed) -

    It's interesting to use.
    It would be interesting to be able to put it out of service when you want to save battery.

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