Bosch 2.0 Speedbox

Speedbox 2 Kit for Bosch Motor

(20 Customer reviews)
  • Speed ​​Limiter: Displays your actual speed
  • Maximum speed with assistance: Limit deleted
  • Works with INTUVIA, NYON, PURION and KIOX screens
  • Activation mode: Walk Assist button
  • Compatible with engines: Active Line / Plus, Performance / CX from 2014 to 2019

Using the kit

The 2 SpeedBox for BOSCH Active, Performance and CX Line Engines is activated by pressing the WALK button on the control panel. As soon as you press, it appears for 2 seconds the speed of 9,9 km / h on the dashboard. This tells you that the 2 Speedbox is enabled. The assistance of your bike will no longer be restrained and it will assist you with no speed limit.

To disable the Speedbox 2 simply press the end on WALK again. "2,5 km / h" will be displayed on your dashboard. This means that your 2 Speedbox is disabled, so your BOSCH engine support will stop at 25 km / h.

Detailed operation

The 2 Speedbox Kit for Bosch Active / Performance / CX Line engine from 2014 to 2019 is an electronic module equipped with a micro-processor. It allows the cyclist to go beyond the 25 km / h regulations by unleashing the Bosch engines. The engine continues to assist the cyclist regardless of the actual speed of the bike. This module for Bosch motor is very easy to install because the connectors fit perfectly with those of origin (the connectors remain well sealed). Once the motor is reassembled, the module is housed in the housing and thus totally invisible. Removal of the kit is quite possible by performing the reverse operation.

To activate or deactivate the kit, simply follow the indicated instructions. You have no settings to make and the 2 speedbox kit is powered by the electricity delivered by your battery. The speedometer displays the actual data (average speed, instantaneous speed, kilometers traveled ...)

Installation tutorial

  1. Turn off the electric bike
  2. Disconnect the battery from the electric bike.
  3. Disassemble all parts of the electric bike to gain access to the motor connectors.
  4. Disconnect the connectors on the motor cable to the speed sensor and motor to the display.
  5. Connect the Bosch 2 SpeedBox to the disconnected connectors.
  6. Restore the engine.
  7. Connect (connect) the battery to the electric bike.
  8. Turn on the electric bike.
  9. Enable / Disable the Bosch 2 SpeedBox by pressing the WALK button.

Compatible motors

Mounting tutorial of the Speedbox 2 kit on Bosch Performance Line

Mounting tutorial of the Speedbox 2 kit on Bosch CX Line

More information













Actual speed


Not limited

Button dactivation

WALK button

20 reviews for Speedbox 2 Kit for Bosch Motor

  1. Patrick R -

    Super buying very fast only worry no mounting instructions fortunately there is internet

  2. Laurent -

    Works well and quite easy to install.

  3. Roland M -

    The module arrived yesterday! Thanks again for your responsiveness?

  4. Jamot (Customer confirmed) -

    received quickly, no assembly instructions, if you have 4 connectors well respect the color of these. works fine I recommend it

  5. Lionel -

    Kit received yesterday. I just have to install the speebox 🙂

  6. Olivier -

    Nothing to say everything is perfect and in addition fast delivery 5 / 5

  7. Yves B (Customer confirmed) -

    5 / 5, no problem it works well.

  8. Thibaut (Customer confirmed) -

    Package received in three days, top.
    Very simple to install, provided you have a crank extractor and a little patience to spend extra cable in the limited space available (Haibike Hardseven RX +).
    Works great, but beware of the battery if you drive all the time in Turbo!

  9. Gabriel (Customer confirmed) -

    Short delivery time
    article corresponding to the request
    reliable product
    Very satisfied, thank you.

  10. Alexis H (Customer confirmed) -

    Fast delivery and in accordance with the order.
    Quick response to questions asked by email.
    Perfect, I recommend this site.

  11. Didier (Customer confirmed) -

    Satisfied with the delivery.
    See you next time.

  12. Julien Jacquet (Customer confirmed) -

    Object compliant. Quick receipt of the parcel. I recommend. Thank you.

  13. olivier.chave6 (Customer confirmed) -

    Fast delivery? Product very easy to install no need for instructions .a see in time!

  14. Dominica (Customer confirmed) -

    I received your new kit and everything seems to work perfectly.
    Thank you for your support

  15. Denis (Customer confirmed) -

    impeccable! (on my 2 bikes)

  16. Fred (Customer confirmed) -

    Very good communication with the company for advice before purchase.
    Sending very fast, even for us, in the Pacific Islands.
    I highly recommend this site.
    In addition, I am satisfied with the kit, which mounts very easily.
    Thank you very much for your seriousness and your professionalism.

  17. JJ Cobut (Customer confirmed) -

    Speed ​​box 2 ordered on Friday 24 May and received in Belgium the 27. Service and expedition ultra fast, there is more than mount it on the Mustache and test in real conditions.

  18. JJ Cobut (Customer confirmed) -

    Well, here we are, as soon as we climb, so soon tried and adopted as early as 100%

  19. Jean-Jacques (Customer confirmed) -

    I already ordered last week and received the SP2 this morning. Tried and adopted at 100%

  20. Danette33 -

    It works !

    But I had 4 plugins of origin connected instead of 2 on video.
    The largest of the 2 cards is easy to identify but not the second which is identical to the other 3. It was necessary to look at the colors on the video.
    It's also difficult to define how to fit the original 2 plugs into the speedbox "tubes". Is there a place or an upside down?

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