Speedbox 2.0 Yamaha PW

Speedbox 2 Kit for Yamaha PW Engine

(11 Customer reviews)
  • Speed ​​Limiter: Displays your actual speed
  • Maximum speed with assistance: from 50 km / h
  • Activation mode: LIGHT button or combination "Up" - "Down"
  • Compatible with Yamaha PW engines only
  • The use of this device is only authorized on private roads not open to the public
139,00 €
In stock, delivered under 3 - 4 days

Using the kit

La SpeedBox 2 for your Yamaha PW engine starts as soon as you press the dashboard light button. As soon as you press, the speed of 2 km / h appears for 5,5 seconds on the dashboard. It means that vote Speedbox 2 is active. You can drive with assistance up to a speed of 50 km / h.

To stop the Speedbox 2, just press the light button on your bike again. The speed of 2,5 km / h is displayed. This means that your bike is re-clamped and the assistance provided by your Yamaha PW engine will stop automatically as soon as you exceed 25 km / h.

You can continue to control the lighting of your electric bike with the lighting button provided for this purpose. To independently manage the Speedbox 2 of the lighting, you can activate or deactivate the Speedbox by performing the combination UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN (combination to be carried out in less than 2 seconds)

Detailed operation

The kit Speedbox 2 for engine Yamaha PW is an electronic module equipped with a microprocessor. It helps the cyclist beyond the 25 km / h regulatory by unleashing the ebikes. The engine continues to assist the cyclist until the speed of 50 km / h. This module is very easy to install because the connectors fit perfectly with those of origin (the connectors remain well sealed). Once the motor is reassembled, the module is housed in the housing and thus totally invisible. The removal of the unclamping kit is quite possible by performing the reverse operation.

To activate or deactivate the kit, simply follow the steps indicated. You have no settings to make and the kit speedbox 2 is powered by the electricity supplied by your battery. Your ebike's speedometer displays the actual data (average speed, instantaneous speed, kilometers traveled ...)

Installation tutorial

  1. Turn off the electric bike
  2. Disconnect the battery from the electric bike.
  3. Disassemble all parts of the electric bike to gain access to the motor connectors.
  4. Disconnect the connectors on the motor cable to the speed sensor and motor to the display.
  5. Plug it in SpeedBox 2 Yamaha PW with connectors disconnected.
  6. Restore the engine.
  7. Connect (connect) the battery to the electric bike.
  8. Turn on the electric bike.
  9. Activate / Deactivate the SpeedBox 2 Yamaha PW by pressing the LIGHT button or via combination “Up” - “Down”
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Compatible motors

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Yamaha PW




Actual speed


50 km / h

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Speedbox 2 Kit for Yamaha PW Engine

11 reviews for Speedbox 2 Kit for Yamaha PW Engine

  1. Thierry M -


  2. Damien (Customer confirmed) -

    Hello, I ordered you the SpeedBox2 for Yamaha PW on Saturday, I received it from Monday !! For fast delivery it's fast !! I climbed it and I went for a walk on flat paths. Super good product !! Thank you.

  3. Damien (Customer confirmed) -

    I am completely satisfied with the KIT SPEEDBOX 2 PW, essential in flat phases and descents in order to relaunch to attack the climbs. Super easy to install and to protect it from shocks, I put it in a piece of inner tube.

    Delivery Time: I ordered it on Saturday and received the following Monday. We can not do better. Thank you.

    Only one small problem: It regulates to 46KM / H instead of 50KM / H announced.

  4. Leonce (Customer confirmed) -

    I received my kit. AWESOME !!!
    Top quality, easy to assemble, it could only roll !!
    Thank you

  5. Philippe T (Customer confirmed) -

    Editing done, works.
    Thanks best regards

  6. richard BUSCQUA -

    super fast ordering and delivery

  7. Cédric (Customer confirmed) -

    Received very quickly, very professional person, very good contact answers questions quickly.
    Fast and very simple editing.
    Mtb mounted en route to go work, ceiling at 44 km / h, with a larger plateau.
    Thank you

  8. Caesar Salad (Customer confirmed) -

    Hello to all the Lilibike team
    Thank you for your follow-up and for the quality of your articles
    Any good evening or day
    Greetings and see you soon

  9. Etienne Drouilly (Customer confirmed) -

    Received yesterday the kit quick assembly.
    40 on the dish. With a tray of 44 for me that's enough but otherwise you can mount 46 see 48. After, better, a battery of 500

  10. ciucci robert -

    I have a bike GIANT 2017 electric assistance.
    Central engine YAMAHA EVOLUTION LINE 80Nm.
    (sport syncdrive)
    the control center is the "ridecontrol" and the screen is a display charge.
    Which de-clamping kit to integrate and which does not modify the indications on the screen should I order?
    the clip-on kit on the wheel modifying the speed and distance indications
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.

    • bertrand -

      To our knowledge, there is no module displaying the actual data for this model of bike. This is why we recommend the badassbox.
      The support

  11. Caullery -

    Purchased in 2017 for a 400 Lapierre FS2016 with Yamaha engine. I find it essential not to feel the cut of 25km / h. We do not ride in real at 50km / h at the limit of unlocking but rather around 35km / h, which is perfect for a mountain bike.
    The display at real speed is essential but I had the daily mileage fairly quickly which reverts to zero when I reach the 20 km traveled.
    It is not a drama in use and I am not sure that it comes from the Speed ​​Box 2.
    Autonomy necessarily suffers because on a 400W / h battery, I do around 45Km in summer and rather 35Km in winter in "playful" mode !!!
    In short, if it broke down, I bought one immediately because I think it essential on bikes over 20 kg!

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