Peartune brose still on

Peartune kit for Brose engine

(7 Customer reviews)
  • Speed ​​limiter: Deleted
  • On-Screen Display: Actual Data (except for Specialized VADO Bikes)
  • Kit always active after installation
  • BMZ screen compatible
  • Compatible VAE Specialized VADO, LEVO, COMO, KENEVO
In stock, delivered under 3 - 4 days

Using the kit

The kit is activated as soon as it is installed. The original function of the button remains unchanged. The display shows the MSO activity by flashing the selected assistance level.

Detailed operation

The PearTune BR2 "max speed off" BRT is an adjustment tool for E-bikes equipped with Brose readers. Unlike many other bike tuning tools E, the PearTune MSO-BR2 not only moves the speed limit from 25 to 50 km / h, it completely cancels the speed limit. This means that theoretically unlimited speed values ​​can be achieved with full engine support (although the speed limit can actually be achieved depends on the particular system)!

Installation tutorial

  1. The PearTune module must be connected between the magnetic speed sensor and the motor unit, as well as between the display and the motor unit.
  2. The Peartune Brose Engine Kit works as soon as it's plugged into your engine.
  3. The activation is indicated by a flashing level of assistance on your dashboard.

Technical data

  • Size without cable: 21 x 40 x 12 mm
  • Voltage: 5-15 V
  • Maximum consumption: 100 mA / 1,5W
  • Weight: about 30g
  • The kit voltage must not exceed 50V

More information












Actual speed


Not limited

Button dactivation

always On


7 reviews for Peartune kit for Brose engine

  1. Thierry68 -

    Good advice
    Very reactive
    easy Installation
    Actual speed display
    Turning on / off by the handy light button

  2. Jean Baptiste -

    Hello, I received the product and thank you.
    I'm editing tomorrow.

  3. Domi -

    I have a specialized turbo levo 2019 works, can you tell me if the kit works on the new turbo levo?

    • bertrand -

      A priori yes, it should work.

  4. cedlab (Customer confirmed) -

    EXCELLENT. It changes everything. It should be standard. allows to consider longer outings and especially stronger in elevation. My bike, de4thlon rockrider e st900, which is quite heavy, becomes very very very pleasant to use. I highly recommend. thank you also for lilibike communication!
    Small, very small flat, installation instructions. It's not complicated but ... it's not clear either (in English). In addition, there is a plug (2 plots) round on the engine and that of the kit is square section. it made me hesitate on the connection, I forced a little, it's back. It functioned.

  5. Couderc -

    Hello on a levo turbo 2020 this kit thanks for the answers

  6. Eric -

    Hello, could you tell me if the turbos levo 2020 are debridable?

    • bertrand -

      Hello, or it works

  7. Say -

    Does it work on levo expeet carbon 2020?
    Do you deliver to the meeting?

    • bertrand -

      Hello, yes it works and we deliver to Reunion.

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