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Bearing in mind that transport regulations include power-assisted bicycles exceeding 25 km / h in the category of mopeds, which must therefore be used in full compliance with the rules on the subject (wearing a helmet, possession of the BSR, etc ... ), the commercial bikes are then configured not to exceed this speed. Riding the need for more and more cyclists to enhance the power of their vehicle, Badass eBike creates a kit to unclamp to change the characteristics of their two-wheelers: BadassBox.

Badass Bike Overview

It is a German company based in Hamburg and specialist since its beginnings in the parts of optimization and customization of electric bicycles. It stands out by its method of manufacture, giving place to the versatility of its unclamping kits. Indeed, its trademark, BadassBox, is compatible with the motorization systems of the best known brands in the field, including Bosch, Yamaha, Kalkhoff, Shimano, Brose and Conti. The company Badass Bike is more or less the main and only competitor of another designer of unclamping device of VAE: Polini. But in general, BadassBox kits, compatible with more brands of VAE, are the most popular.

How BadassBox works

The BadassBox kit is now in its fourth version since the brand launched it in 2013. This device allows to give free rein to all the power of the VAE, which will be able to exceed the 25km / h regulations and go to 50km / h or more. However, the optimum power of the engine remains unchanged. The speed display is also the same as if the bike was bridled to avoid exceeding the speed limit. To operate, this equipment includes a Li-ion battery CR2 which guarantees a range of 6000 km on paper. Simple to install, the equipment is also safe for the vehicle, knowing that there is no electrical contact for transmission.

How to use a BadassBox?

The BadassBox kit is mounted on the speed sensor and is fixed with a simple rubber ring. Fasteners and other accessories are provided by the mark to adapt the device to the system involved. Disassembly is obviously even easier. In use, there is no procedure for starting or adjusting. The speed modes are used normally, except that the bike will go faster. It should be noted that the use of a BadassBox kit, which is not approved, renders the normal use of the VAE unsuitable on public roads. If it's not on a private course, riding an unbridled bike requires a license, helmet, insurance, etc.

Where to buy his BadassBox kit?

The BadassBox kit is available at a number of sites specializing in the sale of electric vehicles, especially VAE sellers. To check anyway that the product displayed has the embossed stamp of the mark. Otherwise, this kit debridage is of course sold on the site of the manufacturer, with the necessary accessories.

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