Bosch batteries

Do you have a BOSCH electric bike? It is possible to simply unbridle it and benefit from electrical assistance beyond 25 km/h. Interested? Discover our Bosch deblocking kits

Powerpack 300

If the ebike is only occasionally used for racing or hobby purposes, a Powerpack 300 battery may be sufficient provided it is not heavily used. It is possible to charge this battery to 50% in 60 minutes. Its energy density is the lowest of all Bosch models, but it can satisfy the curious and people who just need electrical assistance to get around town.

The Powerpack 300 is less and less in demand, and can be sold through a reseller or discarded and replaced with a new, more reliable version.

Powerpack 400

Powerpack 400 from Bosch is known for its reliability. It is capable of remarkable performance offering complete satisfaction to cyclists who make the same journey every day. Bosch has succeeded in removing the memory effect, thus preventing the battery from being damaged if charging is interrupted.

In order to make life easier for ebike owners, Bosch has designed a battery that can be easily mounted and removed from the frame or luggage rack of the electric bicycle and charged from a mains socket. In fast mode, it stores enough charge after 2 hours for immediate use.

Powerpack 500

Manufactured in lithium-ion like all the other models in the range, the longevity of the Powerpack 500 is exceptional. If after a period of intense activity, you store your ebike in the garage, you can get back on the road immediately without the battery needing to be recharged first.

The energy power provided by the Powerpack 500 is unrivalled. It allows a range of 120 km in normal conditions and on a cruise pace with moderate assistance. A record already more than enough for everyday urban use and a few excursions or bike rides.

Powertube 500

PowerTube 500 can therefore be recharged regardless of the remaining battery level and without the need for full discharge. You can store your electric bicycle for a long period of time without damaging the battery if you disconnect it correctly.

It delivers higher power to meet the fuel consumption of versatile Bosch VAE engines such as the Performance Line, which allows longer distances such as treks.


DualBattery as its name suggests is the combination of two Powerpack 400 /500 or PowerTube 500 batteries, capable of operating alternately to provide the energy required by the electric bicycle’s drive system. For a maximum charge of 100%, the charging time varies from 6 hours in fast charge mode to 15 hours in slow charge mode. Despite their small size, both batteries can store up to 1000 Watt-hours of energy.

With DualBattery, sporty driving is possible. This duo provides enough energy to allow VAE cyclists to climb steep mountains, ride bicycles, travel up to 1000 km and even carry heavy loads.