Bosch displays

Do you have a BOSCH electric bike? It is possible to simply unbridle it and benefit from electrical assistance beyond 25 km/h. Interested? Discover our Bosch deblocking kits


Simplicity in its purest form

Do you use an Electric bike to travel short distances in the city on a daily basis, but only have very basic needs? Purion is the dashboard you need to control and monitor the performance of your e-bike. Not only are its lines clean, but its system is also stripped of all superfluous features. Simply put, the backlit display on the Purion console shows only 3 parameters (actual speed, number of km travelled and battery level) with excellent readability. These are driving data that will essentially enable cyclists to make decisions.

On the setting side, you can easily change the assistance mode to adapt the assistance to the pedalling rhythm. The rider can easily switch between Turbo, eMTB, Tour, Eco or Off modes. This last option allows you to disable assistance for pure driving. With Purion, the rider keeps both hands on the handlebars for a perfectly safe ride. There is no need to free one hand to manipulate the dashboard since the control buttons are close to the thumb. To ensure that the on-board computer provides optimum performance, it must undergo regular maintenance in the same way as the ebike. For Purion, diagnosis is quick and easy thanks to a USB port


The main functionalities

Intuvia is a dashboard specially developed to effectively control ebike. It can be combined with various Bosch battery and motor models to make it work optimally in all circumstances. Its strong point is to offer an intuitive and clear display that allows cyclists to enjoy their ebike on business or leisure trips. The Intuvia console displays the battery level and average speed in real time. A specific control on the box allows manual adjustment of the display to adapt the visibility of the screen to the outside lighting.

Intuvia is an intelligent on-board computer that can recommend a gear change when necessary. This function is active and allows cyclists to focus entirely on the road for safe riding. In addition, the walking aid that allows you to push your ebike even with a heavy load quite easily at a speed of 6km/h can be activated from Intuvia. The control unit, which is separate from the display, allows you to operate the console without moving your hands from the handlebars. In addition to its many functions, you can also use Intuvia as a charging station for your smartphone.


For advanced features

With Kiox, Bosch addresses the needs of accomplished athletes or amateurs who want more than just a control box for their ebike. This on-board computer is radically different from Purion or Intuvia in both design and functionality. Kiox displays more functions such as the state of charge for two batteries, speed, time, assistance mode used on its screen. By scrolling down the menu, it is possible to see that

thanks to the console, one can easily measure the wheel distance/circumference, the performance of the cyclist. You can also change the language or activate the walking aid at the touch of a button. Kiox offers a real boost to athletes who need to monitor their heart rate before, during and after exercise. We can, in fact, hook up a cardiac monitor to it.

Easy to use, Kiox is fixed on a magnetic support reserved for this purpose on the handlebars and can be operated by ergonomic buttons that can be manipulated even with gloves on. Its compact design makes it resistant to shocks and falls that may occur. With its tempered glass screen, it is sturdy enough to be used on uneven terrain .


A smart dashboard

For safe driving where you don’t have to worry about anything, your EAV needs to have a real brain. Nyon has all the technical characteristics to fulfil this role. This all-in-one on-board computer offers an impressive list of available features and an intelligent system that will make your travels easier, whatever they may be.

Nyon has been developed to offer more possibilities to the cyclist, whatever the situation he is in. In addition to the traditional information necessary for driving (battery level, speed, etc…), Nyon also displays other new functions:

GPS navigation is very accurate thanks to a 2D or 3D map.
The personal fitness coach who counts calories burned, distance travelled or measures heart rate.
Smartphone functions that allow you to receive and display SMS messages on the console screen or benefit from Bluetooth.

Sport or relaxation, the dashboard can be easily adjusted to the user’s needs. You can ask for a shortcut, share nearly 8GB of data in memory, evaluate its performance online, load your other devices, etc…