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Do you have a BOSCH electric bike? It is possible to simply unbridle it and benefit from electrical assistance beyond 25 km/h. Interested? Discover our Bosch deblocking kits

Active Line

Ideal for your urban travels

moteur bosch active line

You’re an occasional city cyclist, a bit of an environmentalist, but not really a sportsman? Ebikes with Active Line motorization are made for you. The city is the place to be for bikes equipped with the Active Line engine from Bosch. Its elegant lines, light weight, compact shape and low centre of gravity make it ideal for exclusive use in urban areas. This silent engine flanged at 25km/h provides assistance that makes your rides more enjoyable. And even when unlocked with an Asa eSpeed B25-14 unlocking kit, it still has a low noise level. Active Line is therefore recommended for people who have simple needs or who need to make short daily trips, shopping or walks in the city.

If you dream of cycling without getting too tired, the best option is to go for Active Line’s intelligent sensor system. The activation of the assistance goes almost unnoticed by the user, as the level of assistance changes according to the terrain and the frequency of pedalling. The sensors perform 1000 measurements per second to achieve this level of perfection. In turbo mode, the resistance is really low, which allows you to ride comfortably. However, it develops a support level of up to 250% in Turbo mode. In addition, the back-pedalling function is optional on Active Line models suitable for hub bikes, but is not available on derailleur versions.

Coupled with a PowerPack 300 battery, the Active Line engine allows you to accumulate 50 km on the odometer, which is more than enough for short city trips and commuting. It is compatible with all Bosch on-board computers, but the Purion allows access to the most basic functions with a simple thumb movement. This control is placed on the handlebars and allows the assistance to be adjusted and triggered. Active Line meets the simplest of travel needs.

Aesthetics is an important detail when driving with an ebike in the city. Small and light, the Active Line design has been studied to fit harmoniously into several electric bicycle models. Compact and lightweight, the Active Line motor is discreet once installed, adding only 2.9 kg to the total weight of the bike. An EAB with Active Line is a bike that can be easily carried at arm’s length. Translated with (free version)

moteur bosch active line plus

Active Line Plus

A versatile engine

Take your trips and errands to the city and then go out on excursions or road trips while keeping fit and reducing your carbon impact by choosing an ebike with an Active Line Plus engine.

Active Line Plus is a more versatile version of the classic Active Line motor. It offers greater freedom of movement to EAB owners who can use their bikes for a wide range of purposes: short trips or city races, excursions or road trips, etc. Cyclists who do not have a fixed schedule or whose nature, distance and travel time vary constantly from one day to the next must opt for Active Line Plus, which allows them to ride without constraints and with complete freedom. Electric power assistance is available on all routes, but mainly on roads and on gentle slopes with low gradients. Pedalling quickly becomes less difficult thanks to the drive unit taking over. Also equipped with 3 high-performance sensors capable of taking more than 1,000 measurements per second, the Active Line Plus power unit delivers 250 W of power with 4 assistance modes (Turbo, Sport, Tour, Eco).

Assistance is provided up to 25 km/h, but thanks to the unlocking kit such as BadassBox 4, the engine can be pushed up to 50 km/h or 99 km/h. This engine has been studied by the engineers of the brand to allow the owners of ebike to adapt perfectly to the needs of curious people.
and exploration enthusiasts. In order to take advantage of the high performance of the Active Line Plus engine, it is advisable to use the PowerPack 400 Lithium-ion battery for a comfortable margin. It attaches to the frame and provides enough energy to swallow up to about 65 km. However, it can be combined with more powerful batteries such as PowerTube 500, which, on the other hand, will fit directly into the bike frame for better results (85 km).

The Active Line Plus motor is compatible with all Bosch consoles. However, we recommend the Intuvia on-board computer, which displays all relevant information on a backlit display. With or without a release kit, the data displayed will remain unchanged (km travelled, speed, …).
The ultra-discreet motor and the completely invisible battery provide the ebike with an unrivalled aesthetic with the Active Line Plus and PowerTube 500. Thanks to its smooth curves and small dimensions, this power unit fits easily into its dedicated slot. Translated with (free version)

Performance Line

For sporty strolls

moteur bosch performance line

Performance Line offers a more dynamic ride for riders who dream of adventure, but still want to use it to get to work. More powerful, more reliable and more manoeuvrable, bikes equipped with Performance Line can therefore be used for sportier outings such as trekking or mountain riding.

The assistance provided by the Performance Line engine makes it possible to climb steep slopes without difficulty. Pedaling resistance is barely felt with a maximum assistance level of 275% in Turbo mode. The Performance Line range is distinguished by the existence of a new model that allows a higher cruising speed (45 km/h). The idea is to provide fun while driving.
The Performance Line engine is available in 3 versions:

A 25 km/h flange version with 250 W power suitable for derailleur-mounted
A version flanged at 25 km/h for a power of 250 W adapted to hub
A version flanged at 45 km/h for a power of 350 W adapted to derailleur-mounted

This engine provides significantly better performance with a level of assistance ranging from 50 to 275% depending on the assistance mode chosen and the type of transmission. Thanks to the reliability of Bosch engines and the phenomenal power of Performance Line, you no longer have to worry about hills and long distances. Its starting behaviour remains smooth, but is a little more aggressive to perfectly match the rider’s desire for freedom.

The PowerTube 500 battery provides power to the system and allows you to travel 70 km in cruise mode and 45 km in speed mode. However, it forms a winning combination with the Intuvia and DualBattery console, which allows you to drive 135 km in cruise mode versus only 90 km in speed mode. The DualBattery can therefore satisfy the needs of EVA users in autonomy and no longer limit the mobility of seasoned sportsmen and women as well as Sunday sportsmen. Intuvia is an intuitive and intelligent dashboard that will save you time on the go. With its highly developed functionality, it is possible to avoid traffic jams or to check if there is a car park for EAB nearby.

Seen from the outside, there are no noticeable differences between the different models in the Performance Line. The 4 kg weight of this motor does not prevent it from being more compact than the motors in the Active Line range. All in all, Performance Line is more discreet and easy to install on the frame of the electric bicycle. Translated with (free version)

moteur bosch performance CX line

Performance CX

Proven performance

Performance CX is Bosch’s most advanced electric bicycle engine. It features a brand new mode that allows it to assist the ebike to perfection. The eMTB automatically adjusts the level of assistance according to the user’s pace and no longer requires taking your eyes off the road to make adjustments.

Performance CX is also more “nervous” than its predecessors. It is especially suitable for short-crank ebike that need a powerful, manoeuvrable and reliable engine like Performance CX to overcome all obstacles and steep slopes. They are therefore intended for demanding endurance sports enthusiasts in the mountains who want to dazzle with their exploits.

Technically speaking, Performance CX is full of surprises. This is the same technology used by Bosch on these other engine ranges, but the system on this 2019 model has undergone major updates. Perfect to equip bikes with a derailleur, this 250W engine is powerful enough to provide significant thrust on uphill rides, but also on flat terrain. It assists the cyclist up to 300%, making all the obstacles of the mountain bike accessible without affecting the cyclist’s physical performance. At start-up, the Performance CX engine produces sporty acceleration that can be achieved regardless of pedalling frequency.

Compatible with all Bosch batteries and consoles, the Performance CX engine is an unbeatable combination with the Kiox dashboard and the PowerTube 500. In eMTB mode, the cyclist can travel approximately 60 km. To overcome long climbs before reaching the pass or fast sprints, you should opt for the DualBattery battery which allows a range of up to 1000 km. Once assistance is engaged, the ebike can be unlocked using a suitable Bosch kit. We recommend BadassBox 4 or Speed Box Tuning from Bosch to get the most out of the sporty driving experience in mountainous terrain.

A quick glance at its exterior reveals that it is more compact than its predecessors and has adopted a sharper design that is perfectly compatible with the spirit of sport. It weighs the same as the Performance Line CX engine, i.e. 4 kg, which does not seem to represent any handicap for the sports disciplines practiced. Translated with (free version)