Brose motors

Do you have a Brose electric bike? It is possible to simply unbridle it and benefit from electrical assistance beyond 25 km/h. Interested? Discover our Brose® deblocking kits

Drive C

Quiet and harmonious

The German brand Brose develops electric bicycle motors with a power of 250W and a voltage of 36V. The Drive C is one of only two central motors in the Drive series with a torque of 50Nm. It is capable of offering harmonious and silent assistance without vibration, perfect for urban mobility. Above all, it allows you to cope with the various constraints of city driving. Powerful and responsive, the Drive C engine provides a very short response time that allows you to rediscover the pleasures of cycling on short routes. Sneaking through traffic jams, getting to an appointment on the other side of town or going shopping are no longer a problem with an optimal support of 280%. If you need to push your electric bicycle, the motor will assist you without any problem.

The Drive C drive unit offers smooth navigation through the 3 available assistance modes. They can be controlled from the side buttons on the central control unit. The aim is to achieve optimum comfort of use for the cyclist who needs not an ecological gadget, but a real means of transport in cities. With a weight of 3400 grams and small dimensions, the Drive C fits into the bottom bracket box to offer the cyclist a natural ride thanks to a better weight distribution. Despite this low position on the frame, the motor is protected from splashes and moisture thanks to a waterproof housing with IP56.

With the Drive C, the e-bike is supported up to 25 km/h, but the speed limiter can be removed. By combining the Drive C with the 500W Brose battery, which offers a range of 40 to 150 km depending on the support, you are guaranteed to wait for your destination.

Drive S-mag

Performance and endurance

The Drive S-mag is also a reference in terms of silent e-bike motorization. Except that instead of being manufactured for the city like the Drive C, this engine is rather intended for the great outdoors. Thanks to an optimal power-to-weight ratio and a maximum support of 410%, the Drive S-mag is the perfect companion for long bike rides or recreational mountain trips without getting tired. This endurance is due to a more powerful and more enduring motor with a torque of 90Nm for an equivalent power of 250W.

This small-sized Brose engine has excellent maneuverability in narrow, rocky trails. Indeed, it has 4 assistance modes that can be easily controlled from the adjustment buttons of the associated console. The support is supplied at a rate of 6km/h and this, within the regulatory speed limit of 25 km/h. The motorisation therefore provides more powerful assistance when starting and during pedalling. This is due to a new generation software technology that allows the bike’s behaviour to be progressively modified according to the pedalling cadence and engine response. It is also lighter, weighing 500 grams less than the Drive C or Drive S-Alu.

This motorization for e-bike is also smaller (193X150X115mm), which guarantees a perfect integration in the frame of the electric bike. The unblocking of a Drive S-mag engine should allow the cyclist to exceed the 50km/h mark without any problem thanks to the thrust provided by the assistance. It is therefore possible to get maximum help from the engine on steep slopes and to push the bike on straight lines with much more ease. The Drive S-mag therefore provides a unique and dynamic driving experience.

Drive S-alu

Powerful and responsive

The Drive S-Alu has the same aesthetic characteristics as the Drive C: same weight and dimensions, which allows it to be placed as close as possible to the centre of gravity for better balance of the bike. The Drive S-Alu plays the difference card on the technical characteristics.

With Drive S-Alu, Brose’s goal is to produce a 250W motor, but with a torque of 90Nm and 380% assistance, a little less than on the Drive S-mag. The German brand’s choice of a less advanced mount on a mountain bike or e-bike is deliberate. This allows the cyclist to partially maintain control of the pedaling and to provide the physical effort necessary to keep up the sporting spirit. The Drive S-Alu drive unit covers all the needs of the top sportsman: endurance, power, responsiveness. This very dynamic engine is more aggressive in hill starts and on slopes. It provides flawless support regardless of the terrain configuration. It can be said that it is therefore addressed to an informed public.

The sporty configuration of the Drive S-Alu engine therefore offers the possibility of manually adapting the assistance mode according to the difficulties of the terrain, the challenges or the quest for performance. To assist it effectively, the drive unit is highly precise and responsive to deliver the right thrust at the right time. The silence of the Drive S-Alu engine is an essential asset to fully appreciate adventures in the great outdoors. Thanks to the ingenuity of Brose’s experts, he whispers when the climbs are too steep or when accelerating.

Finally, Brose only manufactures high-end components to ensure the longevity of these engines. The Drive S-Alu’s waterproof housing with IP56 rating enhances the unit’s protection against moisture, mud and splashes.

Drive TF

A sporting spirit that can’t be beaten

Fast and powerful, the Drive TF is a Brose electric bicycle motor that focuses more on speed. Its assistance is provided up to 45km/h. However, it is less agile and less dynamic than the sports series, which makes it less effective on rough, steep terrain. The place of the Drive TF motor from Brose is rather on long distances and trekking. It is therefore not uncommon for cyclists to prefer it to cover large city-suburban routes quickly. Drive TF weighs 3400g and has rather compact dimensions (213X150X128mm). It is placed in the bottom bracket box to ensure better weight distribution on the bike. This configuration allows a more comfortable ride and therefore less muscle work for the cyclist who has to ride for several kilometres.

The 250W power of the motor and the 90Nm torque are therefore essential to this quest for speed. Cycling racers tend to pedal fast, but with a maximum assistance of 380%, the pedaling effort will be reduced. Long routes will no longer be a problem, as it will even be possible to benefit from 20 km/h assistance from the start. The technical parameters of the Drive TF remain sporty, but you’ll need to combine it with a powerful, high-capacity battery to get you to your destination, no matter how far you have to travel. Trekking is the sport favoured by this Drive TF engine from Brose. With an adapted bike and a corresponding battery, it is perfect for both training and competition. It’s perfect for high-speed sprinters. With an unblocking of the engine, the assistant makes it possible to reach the speed of 99km/h.

Drive T

Ideal for everyday travel

The Drive T is the ideal engine for those who only use the bike for daily commuting. It offers a maximum assistance of 320% every day, regardless of the distance travelled. It is suitable both for business trips in the city and for long weekend walks in the countryside. Its compact dimensions and light weight (3400 g) make the Drive T easy to fit into the bike frame. It does not interfere with driving or pedalling while improving the e-bike’s balance. It is therefore possible to use it to go shopping, to keep in shape, to take baby for a walk or to go to work.

These different uses are possible thanks to its 250W power, its 90Nm torque and its 4 assistance modes. The Drive T is therefore a very versatile engine that provides sufficient thrust for intensive daily use. Based on its performance, this power unit produces constant power as soon as you start pedalling. The level of support changes according to the pedalling force and cadence, but the sensations remain the same for the cyclist throughout the course. Indeed, the switch from one assistance mode to another is done smoothly, offering a unique and flexible driving experience. Unlocking this engine can completely remove the speed limiter and help you exceed the 25km/h limit. It can be switched on with the light button when it is necessary to drive at high speed and then switched off when you want to drive more quietly.