Owner of an electric bicycle equipped with a Brose? motor? With our expert advice you can benefit from engine assistance beyond 25 km/theoretical. Several debriding kits exist on the market, we offer the best of them. Are you in doubt about the compatibility of the module with your Brose motor? We answer all your questions.

Brose, a German brand specialized in car accessories

The Brose company was founded at the beginning of 1900. In its early days, the company specialized in the manufacture of automotive accessories and components. It is only in 2014 that Brose will focus on the design and manufacture of electric motors for bicycles. Today, the company is a leader in the automotive sector (world leader in electric window lifters and European leader in car seat adjustment systems).

Brose electric bicycle motors are highly appreciated for their responsiveness and reliability. The brand has declined several models to satisfy all uses.


Brands of electric bikes equipped with Brose motors

Campus, Devinci,Diavelo, Decathlon, Specialized, BMW, BH, Fantic, Hercules, Neomouv, Triobike, Maxx, Leaos, Head, Poison, Pragma Industries, Rotwild

The different Brose motors



With a torque of 50 Nm, model C is very quiet.


Drive S-mag

An engine 0.5 kg lighter than the C model offering a torque of 90 Nm.


Drive S-Alu

Sustained assistance with a torque of 90 Nm.


Drive TF

A 3.8kg engine for multiple routes. This engine natively assists you up to 45 km/h.


Drive T

The Drive T weighs 3.4 kg and has a torque of 90 Nm.

Brose compatible deblocking kits

PeartuneBrose lightInternal chip, real values, manageable with light button
PeartuneBrose still onInternal chip, real values
SpeedboxBroseInternal chip, values divided by 2

How to tune an ebike Borse engine ?

The Brose motors are almost all flanged at 25 km/h, to override, you can unbridle your motor. The “tuning” of an electric bicycle consists of making a few modifications to the traditional operation of the electric assistance. You can try to tinker with your installation by moving the speed sensor, for example. You can also install a tuning kit. Our preferred solution. Indeed, with this method you have the possibility to activate or not the kit and thus to have the hand on the tuning function. Moreover, the internal kit is invisible and the data displayed on your screen remains correct.