Giant displays

Do you have a GIANT electric bike? It is possible to simply unbridle it and benefit from electrical assistance beyond 25 km/h. Interested? Discover our Giant debriding kits

Ridecontrol Charge

Simple and comfortable functions

Ridecontrol Charge controls all the functions for comfortable riding of your Giant e-bike. Its liquid crystal display constantly shows the remaining range of the Energypack, the assistance mode, the average speed and the distance travelled. When the release kit is switched on, the instrument panel displays the actual values clearly and legibly. Ridecontrol Charge puts all adjustable controls within easy reach thanks to its ergonomic design with a fastening system to secure its position on the handlebars of the bike.

The ergonomic buttons on the waterproof case are slightly domed and make it easy to grip. If needed, a USB port is available on the console for easy updates, maintenance and recharging of mobile devices of your choice. The Ridecontrol Charge is a version with only minimalist functions, but sufficient for leisure and undemanding routes such as city shopping or short daily routes. Ridecontrol Charge also features a function that allows the cyclist to be assisted even while walking. This feature makes it easier to use the e-bike as an interesting and handy way to transport heavy objects without having to put in a lot of effort.

Ridecontrol EVO

The equipment of the pros

Ridecontrol EVO offers an even more dynamic design than the previous version. Its new aluminium case provides high protection against moisture, shocks and falls. He is therefore not afraid of recreational and sports outings. This dashboard connected via Bluetooth allows the rider to update his or her logbook on a smartphone with data collected by the console for the purpose of improving performance or updating the Ridecontrol EVO. These main qualities make the Ridecontrol EVO popular with professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

With this dashboard it is possible to store, record and plan fitness goals. So we’re in a more demanding configuration for amateur athletes. The display can show precise measurements of the number of calories burned or distance travelled. More concrete driving data such as battery capacity or actual speed can also be obtained. No special tools are required to install the Ridecontrol EVO. It has indeed equipped itself with a new system of integration on the handlebar which makes it possible to secure its screen. This means that it remains firmly in place even on very uneven ground.

Ridecontrol ONE

The essentials in a small box

Giant ONE control

The Ridecontrol ONE on-board computer consists of a high quality LCD display protected by a waterproof aluminium housing and a remote control for easy handling. The display box is attached to the handlebars using a special system, while the control is positioned near the handlebars so that the rider can operate the ergonomic buttons with his thumb. Its design is very minimalist, but it provides the best possible support for demanding riders who will take it to the next level. Indeed, it displays a wide variety of features such as actual values of the unleaded engine, fitness data, but also navigation data. If the unblocking function is deactivated, the display returns to normal without the need for any manipulation.

Thanks to the LED light, the cyclist can visualise the driving data shown on the display such as battery level or assistance mode. And because it is connected, the Ridecontrol ONE can interact with the Giant E-bike application to get important updates. The Ridecontrol ONE console is distinguished by its very intuitive interface that can be controlled with just a few control buttons.