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Do you have a GIANT electric bike? It is possible to simply unbridle it and benefit from electrical assistance beyond 25 km/h. Interested? Discover our Giant debriding kits

Syncdrive Life

Handy and fluid

moteur Giant syncdrive life

For touring or long bike rides, the Syncdrive Life engine delivers what it promises. It is in fact very easy to handle with a constant and harmonious electrical assistance that makes driving more pleasant even with several short trips in town. It is also powerful enough to negotiate a multitude of obstacles. For the engine to develop its full power, it must be coupled with high-quality, durable components. When the Syncdrive Life is combined with a 400W or 500W Energypack battery, the bike’s range can reach 120 to 150 km at full power. The best dashboard for the Syncdrive Life engine is a Ridecontrol model designed to facilitate assistance mode changes.

The Syncdrive Life engine must only be fitted to bicycles with low aluminium frames. For a better stability of the bike, it is necessary to ensure a perfect weight distribution and to facilitate the manoeuvre of the electric bike even in “WALK” mode. To ensure comfortable assistance to the rider when starting the bike, the Syncdrive Life engine delivers constant power in perfect synchronisation with the pedalling cadence to provide the most natural riding experience possible. As with all ranges of Giant electric bicycle engines, power assistance is engaged from the console and automatically stops when the speed of 25 km/h is reached. However, the motor offers more freedom when connected to a compatible release kit. Choose the SpeedBox 2 EVO for Giant engine if you have a Ridecontrol EVO as on-board computer. On all Giant engine models, the electronic module must be installed internally.

But the Syncdrive Life at 60 N-m is particularly appreciated for the comfort it brings during your outings. The transition between the ECO, ECO+, NORMAL, SPORT, SPORT + assistance modes is smooth. But this model really differs from other Yamaha e-bike Giant engines thanks to its 6th mode: AUTO mode. AUTO mode allows you to adjust the level of assistance by pressing the pedals of the electric bicycle, which is possible thanks to the advanced PedalPlus 6 Sensor technology. In AUTO mode, engine assistance can be increased from 50% to 300% without the rider having to intervene. He can then concentrate more on driving. Translated with (free version)

moteur Giant syncdrive sport

Syncdrive Sport

The choice of performance

On paper, the Syncdrive Sport announces some nice little surprises for users. The engine is small and very compact. It offers 5 modes of assistance which is more than sufficient for a mixed use of the electric bicycle. Reliable and high-performance, the Giant engine is ideal for short daily trips or occasional off-road outings. The engine can be used on a daily basis or can be used for more demanding practice.
In all cases, it is attractive because of its robustness and longevity thanks to its manufacturer’s know-how. This engine, which starts at the first pedal stroke, has been designed to provide a unique and comfortable experience for ebike owners.

The Syncdrive Sport motor can be customized to the user’s pedalling force using the patented PedalPlus 4 Sensor technology. The response time of this power unit is particularly appreciable (0.2ms), which makes it even more efficient in the field. The assistance is powerful enough (with 80 N-m) for the electric motor to fully perform its role. The energy delivered by the assistance is so fluid and proportional that it allows a natural pedalling without interruption. This makes the bike very manoeuvrable even on steep climbs. The Sport Syncdrive can achieve a maximum assistance ratio of 350% in SPORT+ mode. This higher level of assistance allows you to negotiate inclines without any problems with the assistance engaged at 110 rpm. This engine offers moderate assistance (ECO) when the bike is on a downhill or flat terrain. The minimum level of assistance is always 50% in ECO mode as on all other engines in the series. All these settings can be made with a simple gesture from the dashboard. The Ridecontrol ONE console is recommended for sports use because of its waterproof and robust housing.

The Giant Syncdrive Sport weighs about 3.48 kg, so it often equips lightweight, aluminum-framed e-bikes with FlexPoint suspensions like the 2019 Stance E+0 version. As usual, the location is low enough to centralize mass and better distribute the bike’s weight. Like its sisters, the Syncdrive Sport can be customized with the help of a debriding kit that will remove the speed limiter. This is a recommended tip for cyclists who want assistance up to 25 km/h. Translated with (free version)

Syncdrive Pro

For the pros

moteur Giant syncdrive pro

For a decidedly more professional ride, the endurance of Giant’s Syncdrive Pro engine is highly recommended. This drive unit brings many new features compared to its predecessors. Starting with its resolutely more modern and ergonomic design, which made it lose 380 grams in the process. The Syncdrive Pro engine weighs only 3.1 kg. It is nevertheless more powerful and more nervous on the tracks.

The challenge of the Syncdrive Pro is to provide a high-performance engine on all types of terrain. It is therefore more suitable for very sporty cyclists who develop an aggressive riding style that is definitely performance-oriented. The 250W motor offers enough power to take on sporting challenges at a higher level. To accompany the 80 N-m torque of this motor, intelligent and customizable assistance is required, capable of providing up to 360% support during the effort. On the display screen, the Syncdrive Pro offers 5 assistance modes (Power, Sport, Active, Basic and Eco) that can be selected manually. Even better, the engine starts instantly on start-up. Note that the ECO mode of the Syncdrive Pro already provides 100% support.

The other great novelty of this drive unit is the existence of a new technology called PedalPlus 4, which consists of placing 4 sensors that will detect the pressure and pedalling cadence of the user in order to find the right level of assistance. The motor brain is designed to analyze several times the environment and the terrain in a minimum of time, allowing a very short response time. The engine is said to have excellent responsiveness, allowing the rider not to lose power while pedaling even when entering a steep slope. The user can therefore fully enjoy his “ride” and enjoy the course without worry. This compact and lightweight motor is a must for Enduro type electric bikes. It is therefore often installed on Giant’s Trace E+ SX Pro series. Optimum performance is achieved by combining the Syncdrive Pro with a 500W DownTube EnergyPack battery and a more intuitive Ridecontrol ONE console. With this training unit, you no longer fear trails, mountain trails and long distances. You can enjoy your favourite physical activity with peace of mind. Translated with (free version)