How to tune your ebike ?

How to unlock an electric bike? Why? We are often asked several questions about the unblocking of electric bicycle motors. This guide will help you learn more about a growing phenomenon.

Ebike tuning : update on legislation

In France, regulations limit the maximum speed allowed for an EAB to 25 km/h. Some speed enthusiasts can tune their Ebike themselves, but what does the legislation say about this?

A loss of Ebike certification

If the ebike is unbridled, it loses its certification. Thus, bicycles will no longer be allowed to be ridden on public roads. Its use must be strictly reserved for private use. Indeed, even if the unbridled ebike has the same mechanical performance of a speedbike, the law does not consider it perfectly safe to ride freely on public roads.

A loss of the manufacturer’s warranty

When the ebike is unbridled, it loses the manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, in the event of a breakdown, it is not possible to hold the bicycle manufacturer liable. Even if the release kit is removed again, the manufacturer’s warranty will be permanently voided.

A risk of a fine

The tuning of ebike is not allowed to circulate on public roads. If the owner persists, he risks a fine and even seizure of his vehicle. But the risks he faces don’t stop there. In the event of an accident, even if there is a third party at fault, the insurance company will not pay any compensation, since the vehicle is not homologated.

Special feature of a boosted engine

Obviously, a boosted engine will be driven faster than a lambda engine. The boosted engine allows you to exceed 25km/h to reach speeds more similar to scooters or cars. This is why some users prefer to boost their electric bicycle to improve their use.

The speed allows a considerable time saving for certain jobs and a gain of sensations for amateurs.

Tuning by brand

The different brands offer unlocking kits that allow speed enthusiasts to go beyond the maximum speed of 25 km/h allowed for an ebike. It should be noted, however, that even if these kits are manufactured by the manufacturers, they remain non-approved and are therefore strictly reserved for private use.

The POLINI HI-Speed, for Bosch engines

The Polini release kit allows to increase the maximum speed of the ebike to 50 km/h, thanks to the maximum exploitation of the Bosch E-Bike engine performance. This accessory is placed directly on the connectors and interacts immediately with the original installation. It is self-regulating, so it does not need any additional settings. Furthermore, it is self-powered and does not require an additional battery to operate. This kit can be installed and uninstalled in no time, making it easy to return to normal configuration when the bike is on the road.

The BadassBox, compatible with Shimano and Kalakhoff engines

With the BadassBox unlocking kit, the speed that will be transmitted to the engine can be halved, starting at 19 km/h. The engine is able to work at full capacity, regardless of the speed used. This means that its maximum performance remains unchanged, even when using the Badassbox. Only the drive limit for Pedelecs is changed, as it is moved to 50 km/h, or even higher in some cases.

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