To find the Yamaha Clutch Kit compatible with your electric bike, just click on the visual that corresponds to your configuration. You will automatically be redirected to the correct model:

PW display

PW display

PW-X - Display X

PW-SE - Display X

PW-X - Display A

PW-SE - Display C

PW-X - Display A

PW-SE - Display A

There are several models of kit to unleash Yamaha electric bike engines. Do you want to go beyond 25 km / h with assistance? Browse the compatible kit and find the one that suits you. If necessary, I can refer you to the right kit depending on the model of your engine (Yamaha PW, PW-X, PW-SE).

Yamaha: Japanese precision in every engine

Yamaha is founded in 1889 by Torakusu Yamaha. Originally the company designs pianos. It is only to 1950 that Yamaha is interested in the sector of 2 wheels. The company will launch several models of bicilyndre engines in V, engine with 5 valves ...), Yamaha, it is also snowmobiles, scooters, integrated circuits and a wide range of electronic products in the universe music. Nowadays, Yamaha is the second largest seller of pianos in the world. With experience in the motorization of 2 wheels, Yamaha has launched several models of motors for electric bike. These engines are known for their robustness and technical performance. Even farther down the road, Yamaha is now designing its own electric bikes from A to Z

yamaha logo

Electric bike brands equipped with Yamaha engines

The brands below (non-exhaustive list) offer ebikes equipped with Yamaha engines:

Haibike, Gitane, BH Bike, Giant...

Yamaha dashboards and batteries

The different Yamaha engines

yamaha pw engine

Yamaha PW

Powerful and flexible engine at a time. A widely used reference showing a couple of 70 Nm.

yamaha pw-se engine

Yamaha PW-SE

Modified version of the PW.

yamaha pw-x engine

Yamaha PW-X

The most powerful engine at Yamaha. Reactive it delivers a couple of 80 Nm

Yamaha Compatible Unclamping Kits

SpeedboxSpeedbox 2 PWInternal kit up to 50 km / h
Asa eSpeedY25.14Internal kit, total unclamping
BadassebikeBadassbox 4 YamahaExternal kit, data divided by 2

How to unleash a Yamaha engine

To improve its Yamaha engine, it is necessary to fix a kit of tuning on the electric bike. Once installed, the kit will modify the signal initially transmitted to the engine. Some kits are compatible for all Yamaha engine models, others only work with a precise model (PW, PW-SE, PW-X). There are internal kits that connect to the cables of your Yamaha engine, and external kits that attach securely to the frame of your bike.

Internal installation

  1. Separate the Yamaha engine from the crankcase
  2. Identify connected cables
  3. Dunplug the appropriate white connectors and connect the kit in series
  4. Reassemble your Yamaha engine
  5. Follow the manipulation to activate the kit

External installation

  1. Identify the target location of the kit on the rear wheel frame
  2. Insert the AAA battery into the Yamaha tuning module
  3. Fix the kit on the frame of your bike, close to the magnet
  4. Your Yamaha engine is unbridled until the module is removed

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