badassbox 4 shimano

Badassbox 4 for Shimano engine

  • Speed limiter: Data display divided by 2
  • Maximum speed with assistance: 50 km/h
  • Activation mode: Permanent once the kit is in place
  • Compatible derailleurs: electronic or manual
  • Compatible firmware: 4.7.1 and lower
  • The use of this device is only allowed on private roads not open to the public.
169,00 €

Using the kit

The Shimano badassbox 4 attaches to the speed sensor of the electric bicycle. Once installed your bike is no longer restricted to 25 km/h. Your Shimano engine will continue to assist you beyond this speed. If you remove the Badassbox 4 kit, your bike will return to its original condition.

The Shimano Badassbox 4 is compatible with all Shimanoy engine models including electronic derailleurs (Di2).

The Shimano badassbox 4 kit is a new version with a slimmer housing and a snap closure for easy assembly/disassembly. The closure of the new case is solid and shock-resistant, as it is equipped with a closure system already proven in the automotive sector. The kit is powered by one AAA battery. Since the kit consumes very little, you will be able to travel many kilometers before you need to change the battery . The Shimano badassbox 4 is of German design. Its manufacturing process makes it a high quality product.

Detailed operation

The Shimano badassbox 4 retrieves your speed data using the speed sensor. Then the unblocking kit modifies the information and transmits its own data directly to the motor (all this is done without any cable). The kit does not interfere with the original components, so there is no risk of damaging your engine.

The Shimano badassbox 4 is compatible with all Shimano engines. No need to disassemble the motor to use this kit, it is quick, easy to install and requires no tools.

Be aware that the data displayed once the kit is installed will no longer be correct. In fact, as soon as you exceed 18 km/h, your dashboard will display half your actual speed. Example: If you are driving at 14 km/h, the instrument panel displays 14. If you drive at 20 km/h, the instrument panel displays 10. To retrieve your actual data, you will need to use a GPS or mobile application.

Installation tutorial

  1. Attach the Badassbox to the speed sensor of your electric bicycle placed on your rear wheel. Optionally, secure the Shimano kit with a Rislan collar.
  2. Move the magnet with the Toolfree screw so that it is positioned towards the edge of the housing. If the magnet is too close to the badassbox, then place it as close as possible (without touching it) and turn the magnet 90°.
  3. If you need to remove the badassbox from your electric bicycle, make sure that you replace the magnet in its original position.

Content of the box

  • Badassbox 4 Shimano
  • AAA battery
  • Vis Toolfree

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 61 x 43 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 27g without battery, 37g with battery
  • Battery (supplied): 1.5V AAA battery (IEC R03)

Compatible engines

The Shimano badassbox 4 is compatible with the Shimano E6000, E7000 and E8000 engines.

The innovations of the Yamaha badassbox 4

Badassebike worked for a full year before releasing this 4th version of the Shimano engine unlocking kit. Slimmer, this kit fits easily on any bike frame. No need to use an adapter. The closing system has also evolved, giving way to a patented pressure closing system (instead of the O-ring). The AAA battery replaces the CR2 battery and offers a range of over 7000 km. Easy to replace, you can find this type of battery in any store.

You can attach and remove the badassbox 4 shimano easily and without any tools. Although the attachment to the bike is very reliable, you always have the possibility to add a cable tie. The Badassbox 4 shimano debriding kit is perfectly watertight. The electronic components are immersed in a completely sealed and vitrified sealant.

Badassebike has succeeded in increasing the autonomy of the kit thanks to a field amplification technology (“FEET” patent).

The company’s manufacturing process requires a double check before the kit is made available. This ensures that you have a quality product free of manufacturing defects .

Main advantages of the badassbox 4

  • Unlocking kit for external electric bicycle without wiring
  • Thin and very resistant housing
  • Patented closure
  • Mounting system integrated in the housing
  • FEET” field amplification technology
  • AAA battery included for more than 7000 km of autonomy
  • Shimano model for mechanical or electronic derailleurs
  • Sealing putty from the automotive industry
  • Doubled quality control
  • Product of German design
  • 3 months warranty

Further information



activation button

Still on

driving control


Visible chip



motor to unleash

Shimano Steps E6000, Shimano Steps E8000

Set up difficulty


Displayed speed

Half values

Max speed

50 km/h

Badassbox 4 for Shimano engine


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