Shimano batteries

Do you have a SHIMANO electric bicycle? It is possible to simply unbridle it and benefit from electrical assistance beyond 25 km/h. Interested? Discover our Shimano release kits

E6000 battery

At Shimano, the Motor-Display-Battery unit is a sacred marriage that is imperative to achieve the desired results. However, the E6000 battery can equip a large number of e-bike models on the market.

This Lithium-ion battery has a maximum capacity of 418Wh/504Wh with a charging time of 5 hours. When the engine is pushed in BOOST mode, the load of this E6000 allows you to drive 70 km in one go. It is possible to complete a 150 km route by driving in economy mode.

E6100 battery

The E6100 battery is an upgrade version of the E6000 battery because it offers greater strength and durability. Its capacity is 418Ws/504Wh and requires a charging time of 5 hours. In addition, its position on the frame allows the cyclist to pedal without being hindered and to benefit from a good weight distribution.

The E6100 battery must therefore be used for more extensive and intensive use of the electric bicycle. It allows you to travel up to 170 km when the assistance is set to ECO mode. If you need to set it to BOOST mode, you can reach any destination within a radius of 85 km.

E7000 and E8000 battery

This Shimano E7000 and E8000 engine battery has a capacity of 504 Wh and charges in 5 hours. Enough clean fuel to travel up to 100 km in ECO mode. For a more robust and intense use, the autonomy allows you to train over a distance of 50 km.

This battery has been studied to offer in energy a very powerful and aggressive motor like the E8000 and its little brother, the E7000. The quality is there with a waterproof case and a solid and reliable fixing system to avoid any incident during your trips.