Shimano displays

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Display E6000

The essentials at your fingertips

The Japanese brand Shimano has developed its own consoles for ebike to achieve good results in terms of power and performance. This is the case with the E6000 console, which is compatible with Shimano’s 6000 series engines. The display offers a high definition display thanks to its adjustable contrast screen. And to make it easier to read the data, the display is customizable, allowing the cyclist to choose the function(s) that will appear permanently on the screen even if it is in standby mode. The E6000 console’s adjustment knobs are flexible and ergonomic, able to withstand repetitive handling without any problems. The simple and elegant housing of the display is waterproof and moisture-proof. It offers maximum protection for the screen even when you’re out in the rain. 

On the functionality side, the buttons on the dashboard allow the assistance mode to be programmed manually. However, to prevent your hands from leaving the handlebars, the E6000 display also has a SWITCH AUTO function, i.e. a function that will automatically change the level of assistance without you having to intervene.

Display E6100

A connected box

As on all electric bikes equipped with a Shimano Steps motor, the electronic brain of the E6100 console modifies the behaviour of the assistance according to the pedalling force. This technical feat is only possible thanks to the technology developed by Shimano for these
consoles: PedalPlus. The electric bicycle can switch to ECO mode as soon as the pedaling slows down and then switch to HIGH mode as soon as the rider applies more pressure on the crankset. With such an intuitive device, you get a very natural and harmonious pedaling rhythm. You don’t feel any major difference when the assistance starts, but the real advantage is that you can cycle hundreds of kilometres.

The E6100 dashboard meets the requirements of the modern market thanks to its Bluetooth. It offers several connected options such as connecting to the e-bike mobile application or connecting to a motion sensor like Garmin to monitor your health or program your recreational outings. The device is therefore composed of the 3 classic Shimano assistance modes as well as a WALK mode to assist you when you decide to push your e-bike. The raised housing of the E6100 offers optimum protection and good visibility.

Display E7000

Intuitive and robust

The display reveals its full potential when mounted on the handlebars of the top-of-the-range sports electric bicycle. The dynamic Drive Unit E7000 provides excellent results during mountain outings and intensive sports practice. The small housing provides optimum protection for the LCD colour display. The display quality is unparalleled with clear and readable information. This display can be customised using the control buttons on the side or the SWITCH switch provided. This allows you to change the mode of assistance provided by the motor without moving your hands from the handlebars.

Display E8000

Numerous advantages

Its design is minimalist, but it provides the essential and indispensable functions for your adventures. You can enjoy a unique riding experience while improving your sporting performance. The thumb-operated manual change allows the amateur cyclist to practice his favourite sport with total control of his e-bike. Connected to PedalPlus 4 Sensor, the electronic brain in the instrument panel gives a very responsive response whether you’re climbing or descending, on flat or uneven terrain.