Shimano motors

Do you have a SHIMANO electric bicycle? It is possible to simply unbridle it and benefit from electrical assistance beyond 25 km/h. Interested? Discover our Shimano release kits


Best for the city

Moteur shimano E6000

Compact and discreet, the SHIMANO STEPS E6000 engine has been designed for small electric city bikes. The assistance provided is therefore important enough to carry out city shopping, commuting or even bike rides. Very quiet and versatile, this engine is the perfect solution to cope with the density of urban traffic and country roads.

Despite its weight of 3.2 kg, the Shimano E6000 power unit remains very discreet when mounted. It is probably the most compact ebike power unit on the market. Its ergonomic and watertight casing, which allows it to withstand the worst weather conditions, is fixed in the bottom bracket box with screws and bolts. What’s most surprising about the Shimano E6000 engine is how easy it is to handle. Thanks to a highly sensitive system and an electronic transmission (Di2), assistance is provided immediately from the first pedal stroke by the user. It allows what is called “natural pedaling”. Indeed, the level of assistance adapts according to the obstacles encountered by the cyclist and there are no abrupt cuts when the engine is started.

Thanks to its 3 assistance modes and numerous options, you will also experience the “intelligent pedaling” of the Shimano engine. The “Automatic Shift” option allows you to automatically engage or disengage the assistance according to your speed and pedalling cadence. In short, the engine offers an improved driving experience and you gain in comfort. So you no longer have to worry about hilly or undulating terrain. The E6000 drive unit delivers an output torque of 50 Nm at 250W. This central engine runs on a 36V Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 418Wh/504Wh. The journeys you can make with this combination can be up to 85 km in BOOST mode.

Thanks to its years of experience in ebike, Shimano is able to offer a reliable engine like the E6000. The high quality of the parts is there. This drive unit has an exceptionally long service life, even in intensive daily use. To improve its performance, some cyclists prefer to remove the speed limiter. The BadassBox 4 release kit for Shimano motors must be used for this purpose. Placed directly outside the compartment, the device allows you to benefit from assistance even beyond the regulatory limit (25km/h). Translated with (free version)

Moteur shimano E6100


A good compromise

The E6100 engine range is designed for city and leisure electric bikes. Indeed, its lightness is what best characterizes it since the engine weighs only 2.88 kg. It is the smallest ebike motorization of the Japanese brand. It is nonetheless powerful, providing sufficient assistance to serve the cyclist in all his adventures.

Soft and harmonious, the DU-E6100 is easy to handle. Its waterproof aluminium case has a more dynamic and stylish design than the DU-E6000. With this unique morphology and fixing method, it can equip about 130 brands of e-bikes. With this series, Shimano seeks to satisfy ordinary cyclists who wish to have a more efficient power unit. The result obtained with the assistance is very satisfactory. It offers 3 possible settings to obtain a level of assistance from 70% in ECO mode to 230% in BOOST mode. The DU-E6100’s intuitive pedal assistance allows you to reach any destination safely and effortlessly. The e-MTB is the other feature that finally appears on this series. It indicates that the electric bike can be adjusted and balanced in such a way that it allows safe and leisurely mountain biking.

Regardless of the nature of the terrain and the difficulties, the E6100 engine is tough and resistant enough to withstand adverse weather conditions. The Drive Unit E6100 is often associated with a 36V Lithium-ion battery capable of providing a 150 km long route on a single charge in ECO mode. You can now go far with an electric bike equipped with a Shimano motor and even save 20% more charge than a DU-E6000 under the same conditions of use. Two main functions are optional on this engine: “Start Mode”, which allows a smooth start even with power assist engaged, and “Auto Shift” in combination with NEXUS Inter-5 or NEXUS Inter-8, which allows the power assist mode to be adjusted naturally according to the pedalling cadence. Pedaling comfort is an important thing for cyclists who choose the DU-E6100. Delivering an output torque of 60Nm and a power of 250W, the engine produces a noise level of only 2dB, which is perfectly bearable in town or on the road. Translated with (free version)


Effective on all terrains

Moteur shimano E7000

Shimano’s Drive Unit DU-E7000 is the best choice for off-road or e-bike riding. The e-MTB option is highly sought after by cyclists who want to upgrade to a higher level of assistance while staying in a simple and manageable product. The history of the DU-E7000 is therefore very simple. It thus fills a gap between the E6000 / E6100 range and the top of the range E8000 because it is more accessible while being competitive.

Weighing in at 2.8 kg, the Du-E7000 power unit makes it easy to balance the electric bicycle and allows the user to ride more comfortably. The engine is slightly larger than its predecessors in order to develop greater performance on trails and in the
mountainous terrain. It therefore has a more geometric and aggressive design as well as a waterproof protective cover, resistant to the rigours of rough roads. Fully customizable, the E7000 motor offers a maximum torque of 60 Nm for a power of 250W. This reduction in output torque does not affect engine performance. There are also 3 levels of assistance from ECO mode to TRAIL and BOOST mode. The “WALK assist” function is a real plus for those rare occasions when you have to push your electric bicycle.

The intuitive pedal assistance that distinguishes Shimano engines can be tested easily. The engine is forgotten from the first pedal strokes, even despite a 2dB noise. The cyclist does not feel as if he is making more effort on climbs and benefits from a sharp acceleration in the straights. You no longer fear the torrential rains, roots and wet rocks that sow the trek routes. 

The Drive Unit DU-E7000 is compatible with the connected displays. Its electronic brain communicates instantaneously with the engine. The operation of the suit is simplified to allow the cyclist to stay focused while riding and not be distracted by the display screen. On the battery side, there is no change except the location. Battery life for Shimano remains impressive. The Di2 type Shift function is not present on this model even as an option. It is replaced by a button switch that allows manual gear and assist mode changes. A real pleasure for sportsmen and women who want to experience the adrenaline of mountain trekking and the ultimate sport practice. Translated with (free version)

Moteur shimano E8000


A sporting spirit that can’t be beaten

The DU-E8000 engine is the top-of-the-range sports model par excellence. This version has been developed to satisfy the fans of intense sports practices such as mountain biking. Intuitive pedaling provides a normal driving feel even on the roughest terrain. It is therefore the recommended engine for negotiating tight turns, climbing steep slopes, venturing into rocky trails, negotiating downhill runs and keeping a steady pace on flat ground.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, its weight of 2.8 kg and its very compact shape, the E8000 power unit offers stable and harmonious power. No abrupt start, but a silent and constant assistance, perfectly adapted to each situation. With such a device, impressive performance can be achieved. Designed for short drivelines, the E8000 motor delivers 250W power (similar to many other systems on the market) with an output torque of 70Nm and a 500Wh battery. In addition to the 3 possible assistance modes, there’s also an Explorer mode that’s perfect for a curious and experimental driving style. The WALK mode is therefore always functional on this type of engine and it allows you not to have to push too much weight into you are not on the bike.

The E8000 drive unit can only be combined with a connected and intuitive display like the E7000-E8000. Interface data such as maximum speed, battery level or assistance mode (ECO, TRAIL, BOOST) can be customized. To increase the pleasure of purist sportsmen and women, the automatic switch function is replaced by a push-button switch, thus allowing manual gear shifting. Usually, the regulation speed limiter at 25 km/h is very annoying for this type of cyclists. Fortunately, the E8000 engine can be unleashed using the BadassBox 4 kit specially developed for Shimano engines.

The location of the battery behind the exposed drive train is specially designed to absorb shocks. However, the protective cover is present to protect the motor in the event of the front wheel falling and being thrown out. The case is fully waterproof so you don’t have to worry about mud or rainwater projects. A traditional anti-theft key is required to remove it from its compartment. Translated with (free version)