Yamaha batteries

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On the frame

The Yamaha batteries that are designed to be integrated into the frame of e-bikes come in 2 versions. The first offers an on-board capacity of 500Wh for 4 hours of charging time and a weight of 3 kg. The second has a capacity of 400Wh for a charging time of 3.5 hours and a weight of 2.9 kg.

They are usually placed behind the vertical tube thanks to a patented fastening system that allows it to be assembled and disassembled in a single movement. The position of the battery is more advantageous for cyclists who want to sneak around and pedal freely in the city with a well-balanced electric bike.

On luggage rack

A battery on the luggage rack is generally not recommended, as it increases the length of the bike and changes its centre of gravity resulting in an unstable e-bike. But Yamaha’s EVA battery pack, which sits on the rear rack, has a very compact ergonomic housing that reduces the impact of the extra weight.

The battery capacity can be 400 Wh or 500WH with the same characteristics as seen above. Only the design of the housing changes with its more robust structure and protected and sealed connectors for safe charger cable connection.

Multiple Locations

A Yamaha multi-slot EVA battery is typically a large capacity battery, slightly oversized to provide the rider with a versatile e-bike capable of doing both short and long distance riding. With its weight of 3.8 kg, it is imperative to find the ideal location to better balance and stabilize the electric bicycle, hence the possibility to install it on the frame or on the luggage rack.

The strength and reliability of Yamaha’s batteries is well proven. Under extreme and intensive daily use, a Yamaha battery can last up to 8-10 years. Charging this 600 Wh battery takes about 5 hours of connection to a power outlet.