Yamaha displays

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Display X

A 1.8 inch LCD screen embedded in a rugged housing to suit any type of driving, sporty or not. The console has ergonomic buttons that reinforce this feeling of robustness. In addition, it is securely attached to the handlebars using a special support, so it is safe from falls and shocks.

In order to allow a clear reading of the various features, Yamaha has chosen to favour a large screen with a highly visible display. It is possible to view the parameters at a glance. The speed, battery capacity, assistance mode, assistance power meter can be read continuously. The LED light assists the cyclist to check all displayed parameters at a glance. In other words, Display X offers the cyclist the possibility to concentrate more on his riding and enjoy his ride. With power supply via USB cable, the X-dashboard allows quick and easy diagnosis of engine failures. The 2019 model is interchangeable with all Yamaha power units. The Bluetooth function allows you to connect the console to your smartphone to store, record or share saved data.

Display A

Console A for “Accessible” is the primary version of all Yamaha dashboards. It already has a very modern design with its A-shape. Its 1.7-inch LCD screen can be illuminated by a blue LED for easy reading when needed and even in extreme driving conditions. It displays the battery level, actual speed and assistance mode. On the other hand, the day counter, odometer and distance can be viewed.

Console A has a very simple and minimalist design. Thanks to buttons on the bottom and side of the case, the rider’s thumb can make adjustments manually with just his thumb. He does not need to take his hand off the handlebars to change the assistance mode for example. Simple and very functional, this model is sufficient to equip the VAE with Yamaha PW-SE engine. In addition, with the new 2019 versions of Display A, the functionalities are interchangeable with all drive units. Display A can be fixed with an adapter kit to secure the device on the PW-X and PW-SE series models when driving.

Display C

The C-Console for remote control “connectivity” is a small onboard computer all by itself. It is capable of analyzing the driving environment using engine sensors. The higher the number of sensors, the more accurate the data. In general, therefore, the C dashboard is always used in conjunction with an engine equipped with new technologies such as the Quad Sensor System (on the PW-SE engine). Thanks to this comprehensive environmental analysis, the C on-board computer can automatically set the appropriate assistance mode. On a slope, it automatically switches to HIGH mode so that the rider does not have to put in too much effort. It automatically returns to ECO mode when descending to moderate assistance.

Its 2.8-inch screen is large enough to continuously display speed, assistance mode, assistance power, clock or battery capacity. Some connectivity features such as GPS navigation, calorie meter, cadence, top speed, must be selected… In addition, it is possible to connect the console to your Smartphone in order to share, store, retrieve driving data or use applications such as Komoot or Wellfit e-kit connection.